Can you maximize yield without minimizing users?

January 24, 2019

We’ve all seen it and winced: websites and apps cluttered with ads meant to drive revenue for the publisher, instead leaving us wanting to close the tab and move on.

Too often publishers face a trade-off between monetization and a clean, delightful user experience.

And worse, if you monetize your site to the detriment of user experience, you’ll lose the users you’ve worked so hard to attract in the first place.

In fact, according to a recent study on consumer trends in content and commerce, nearly one out of three respondents say they will leave a site if the search experience is not as good or better than Google’s.

It’s also an area of untapped value for publishers.

Results: 15% increase in LTV for leading browser

A leading browser application partnered with adMarketplace to improve search monetization with Conducive Search, delivering a 12.5% increase in revenue per search. In addition, the improved search functionality and user experience increased user search volume by 2%.

Taken together, total user LTV for this leading browser increased by 15%.

adMarketplace is able to pay publishers more for clicks on search ads because, unlike search engine feeds, we provide direct access to top brands looking to capitalize on incremental demand in native environments.

Maximize yield with Native Search

Publishers who rely solely on search monetization with Google and Yahoo are limiting their potential yield from search. That’s because search engines can only be monetized when a user clicks on a paid result on the results page (about 50% of the time).

But there’s a way to earn more from search, and it starts with thinking about it in a new light: it’s really not about search, it’s about intent. Why not monetize user intent when it is expressed on your site?

Solutions to monetize intent

adMarketplace offers multiple native search solutions for publishers, browsers and apps. Our Conducive product suite enables you to monetize intent before, during and after users search.

Pre Search

Brand tiles placed under your search box trigger intent and navigate users to trusted brands, earning you higher yield with every click by bypassing legacy search engine results pages.

During the Search

As users type in the search bar, Conducive Instant Search displays paid links in the drop-down suggestion box. Users can choose to navigate directly to trusted advertiser sites, bypassing legacy search engine results pages.

After the Search

Paid search results appear at the top of your search result page after a user searches on your site.

All of these solutions provide value for users by connecting them with trusted brands in moments of intent. Not only will that lead to increased trust and a better experience, but it lets you capitalize on the intent on your own site.

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